End of Service Information for Discontinued Products

We will inform you when the supply of parts and service for discontinued products is to end. We will continue to supply “maintenance parts for old products” that have been in use for a long time by maintaining, as much as possible, manufacturing and procurement. However, due to the end of production of parts by manufactures, etc., this cannot always be maintained.We will let you know for which products the service, parts supply and sales will be discontinued according to the list below. For the products listed below, we can continue to supply parts that are common to the successor or other products, so please contact us or distributors to inquire about the availability of parts. In addition, for recommended replacements for your old products, please contact us or distributors.We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your kind understanding.
*Although it is within the following supply period, there may be some parts that are discontinued earlier than expected due to the circumstances of the supplier. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your kind understanding.
Date of End of ServiceModel
31st July, 2014HPC-18, HPC-18N, BC-29, BC-25HS, BC-25, MSB-16, HBC-13DI, HBC-16, HBC-16DI, HPC-920DI, HPC-620UV,HPC-618UC, HPC-618UV, HWS-10, MB-25, MB-19, MSB-19, MCB-16
31st July, 2016HBC-19N, HBC-13, HBC-32, HPC-615CL
31st July, 2017HPC-11, HPC-20LS, HPC-8920
31st July, 2018HBC-313, HBC-16II, HBB-90/90DF
31st July, 2019HBC-25N, MB-22, HCC-16HPW, HCC-19, HNC-675, HBC-519L
31st July, 2020HPC-20, HPC-86150, HPC-8920W, BC-19, HBB-25, HBB-19180, HBC-19R
31st July, 2021HPC-8618, HPC-1322, HPC-1322DA, HBC-16R, HCC-613, HCB-816180
31st July, 2022HSC-19GA, HWC-634, HBB-32, HNC-665
31st July, 2023HPC-8620, HPC-206W, HPC-206WDF
31st July, 2024HBB-90N
30th April, 2025HMD120, HPC-22, HSC-20BL, HSC-25BL, HPP-570, HBB-532, HBB-538, HBB-35180
31st July, 2026HPC-NF188W, HPC-615, HPC-615DF, MB-816
31st July, 2029MSB-25
31st March, 2031HCC-13DF, HBC-22