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  • • Time to cut D13 rebar approx. 1.6 seconds.※1
  • • Using the 18V high-power Brushless motor for more power and longer life.
  • • Brushless motor protected from dirt and moisture.※2
  • • Equipped with easy to read battery indicator.
  • • Can cut D13 rebar approx. 400 times※1 with fully charged 5.0 Ah battery.
  • ※1 Test results will vary according to hardness of rebar and the operating method.
  • ※2 This product is designed to reduce the effects of water and dust on it but is not guaranteed against such damage.
  • Longer Life Brushless Motor
  • There are no carbon brushes inside the Brushless Motor so it runs contact-free and without resistance, eliminating wear on the armature for longer tool life.
  • Contact-free operation also means it runs cooler and more efficiently.
  • Unlike conventional motors, the Brushless Motor does not require the regular replacement of carbon brushes so the tool spends more time working.


MotorBrushless DC motor
Weight5.1 kg / 15.2 lbs (including battery)
Dimensions315 (L) x 273 (W) x 97 (H) mm
12.4" (L) x 10.7" (W) x 3.8" (H)
Cutting ForceD13 (0.51"): Grade 40 / 490 N/mm2 (50 kgf/mm2)
Cutting Speedapprox. 1.6 seconds
Standard AccessoriesHex wrenches (3 · 4 mm),Carrying case