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  • Equipped with easy to read battery indicator.
  • Motor design protects against dust and moisture.
  • Close cutting possible with just 3.5 mm (0.14 in) of rod left above surface after cut is completed.
  • Stable operation with minimum vibration achieved through new style blade installation.
  • Minimum burring when cutting-removes need to dress threaded rod before attaching nut.
  • Handle can be installed either on the left, right or upper side.

OPTIONRight Angle Cutting Table for Rebar Joint

[Patent Pending]

Right Angle Cutting Table


Close cutting of reinforcing mesh

Automatic Speed Control

The First in the Industry equipped with Automatic Speed Control!
Automatically changes the cutting speed according to load condition for optimum operation.
Diameter of Rebar (490N/mm2)Number of Cuts per Fully Charged 5.0Ah BatteryEstimated Blade Life
D25 / #8approx. 50 timesapprox. 650 times
D20 / #6approx. 90 timesapprox. 950 times
D16 / #5approx. 135 timesapprox. 1400 times
D13 / #4approx. 190 timesapprox. 2500 times
D10 / #3approx. 300 timesapprox. 3000 times


MotorBrushless DC motor
BatteryLi-ion battery (BL1850B), 5.0Ah
Weight4.0kg / 8.82 lbs (incl. battery)
Dimensions471 (L) x 137 (W) x 139 (H) mm / 18.54 × 5.4 × 5.47 in (excl. handle)
Max. Cutting Capacity620N/mm2 (Grade 60): D25 / #8 rebar
External Diameter of Blade110 mm / 4.33 in
Revolutions per Minute2,200 rpm
Sound Pressure Level75.0 dB (A) with no load
Sound Power Level86.3 dB (A) with no load
Standard AccessoriesCharger, Battery (BL1850B), Hex Wrench (M5), Dust Bag, Carrying Case, Tipped Saw