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  • - Punching up to the maximum throat depth of 50mm possible without the need to change or remove the slide stopper.
  • - Very fast punching speed for cordless puncher 3.5 seconds※1 for thickness 9mm.
  • - 4th generation stripper for easy confirmation of the hole position from both the left and right sides.
  • - The 90°foldable head※2 and 360°rotating motor makes this puncher ideal for use in narrow spaces.
  • - 40V max battery has water and dust-resistant triple layer structure and an enhanced terminal structure are engineered to protect against water and dust for any job site condition.※3
  • - According to optimal power supply + optimal charging = “smart system” significantly increases battery life (compared to conventional models).
  • - On site portability for maximum freedom of movement with Li-ion battery motor.
  • - Hole puncher is specifically designed to provide high quality holes quickly and efficiently.
  • ※1 Based on our test value. The test value except for returning speed. Punching speed varies depending on cutting conditions.
  • ※2 Can be fixed at 0 degree and 90 degrees using the head lock.
  • ※3 This tool is designed to be less susceptible to dirt and moisture, but we do not guarantee that it will not break down due to dirt and moisture.
  • "N" series is
  • The new "N" series punchers are double acting with a new designed punch holder for longer life. The "N" series punch has also been redesigned so that only one punch is required to punch the range of materials: mild steel, stainless steel, angle iron and channel steel. The center of the punch has been made wider for easier positioning.

  • - Both punching and retracting are completed by hydraulic power. This solves the "punch jammed" problem and allows uninterrupted and faster work.
  • - Following a review by our customers, we changed the design of the die, punch & punch holder to make them more durable and to make the setting of the punch & die easier.
  • - Only one die for flat bar, angle steel and channel flange is required. It is not necessary to change the die when punching different materials or thicknesses.
  • ※Thinner material (t2-3.2mm) may have some burrs or deformation.
  • - New punch design makes it easier to confirm the hole position.
Ogura nf9205wmx foldable head puncher
Ogura nf9205wmx foldable head puncher
Ogura nf9205wmx foldable head puncher
Ogura nf9205wmx foldable head puncherOgura nf9205wmx foldable head puncherOgura nf9205wmx foldable head puncher


Motor18V DC
Weight12.7 kg / 28.0 lbs (with 2.5Ah battery)
Dimensions423 (L) x 138 (W) x 345 (H) mm
16.65 x 5.43 x 13.58 in
Max. Throat Depth50 mm / 1.97 in
Hole ShapeRound / Oblong
Max. Hole SizeMild steel (65,000 psi): Φ20/t9 mm
Stainless steel (89,000 psi): Φ20/t6 mm
Standard Accessoriespunch Φ14 mm, die SB14, tommy bar, spanner (8 × 10 mm), hex wrenches, carrying case, grip
Optionwork stand


Punch & Die TABLENF9205WMX

■Round Punch & Die [unit: mm]
Round PunchRound DieMild SteelChannel FlangeStainless Steel
6SB6t2 - t4 - t3 - t4
6.5SB6.5t2 - t6 - t3 - t4
8SB8t2 - t6 - t3 - t4
8.5SB8.5t2 - t6 - t3 - t4
10SB10t2 - t6t8t3 - t4
11SB11t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
12SB12t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
13SB13t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
14SB14t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
15SB15t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
16SB16t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
18SB18t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
19SB19t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
20SB20t2 - t9t8t3 - t6
■Oblong Punch & Die [unit: mm]
Oblong PunchOblong DieMild SteelChannel FlangeStainless Steel
6.5×106.5×10Bt2 - t6 - t3 - t4
6.5×136.5×13Bt2 - t6 - t3 - t4
8.5×138.5×13Bt2 - t6 - t3 - t4
8.5×178.5×17Bt2 - t6 - t3 - t4
9×13.59×13.5Bt2 - t6 - t3 - t4
9×189×18Bt2 - t6 - t3 - t4
10×1510×15Bt2 - t8t8t3 - t6
10×2010×20Bt2 - t8t8t3 - t6
11×16.511×16.5Bt2 - t9t8t3 - t6
12×1812×18Bt2 - t9t8t3 - t6
13×19.513×19.5Bt2 - t9t8t3 - t6
14×2114×21Bt2 - t9t8t3 - t6
15×2115×21Bt2 - t9t8t3 - t6
■Vertical Oblong Punch & Die [unit: mm]
Vertical Oblong PunchVertical Oblong DieMild SteelChannel FlangeStainless Steel
TN12×20TN12×20Bt2 - t9t8t3 - t6
TN14×20TN14×20Bt2 - t9t8t3 - t6