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  • stand-alone bender with unique built-in hydraulic pump for modifying rebar bending angle for D25 rebar at construction site.
  • Capable of both "push bending" and "pull bending" with free rotating bending hook.
  • The powerful motor is double insulated and can easily handle the hardest of tasks.


■Clearance A for Push Bending
  • push bending
■Clearance A for Pull Bending
  • pull bending
Required Clearance A for Push / Pull Bending
45 degrees90 degrees
over 160 mm / over 6.30 inover 310 mm / over 12.20 in
■Bending Angle
  • bending angle
Dia. of RebarMax. Capable Push / Pull Bending AngleMin. Required Push / Pull Bending Modification Angle
with rollerwithout rollerstandard bending hook
D13 / #485° - 153°
D16 / #580°158°
D19 / #675°163°
D22 / #7 - 90°168°
D25 / #8 - 85°172°


MotorSingle-Phase, 110-115V/220-230V, 50/60Hz, 1330W, Double Insulation
Weight15.2 kg / 33.5 lbs
(L x W x H)
486 mm x 194 mm x 226 mm / 19.13 in x 7.64 in x 8.90 in
Max. Bending CapacityMax. D25 / #8 (490N/mm2 (50kgf/mm2))
Bending Speed90 degrees bend for D25 (#8) rebar
push bend: approx. 8s
pull bend: approx. 7s
Standard AccessoriesWooden box, Hydraulic oil, Hex wrenches, Spanners, Rollers
OptionBending Hook C for Modification Bending
Bending Hook C for Modification Bending